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The aim was to make the world's best sake to pair with meat. This is the result.


The marriage of exquisite meat dishes with the perfect, naturally brewed sake.

Meat Lovers Only sake is an original sake brand brewed in small quantities, specifically crafted to enhance the natural umami flavour of meat.
It was created by 29ON, a members only meat-specializing restaurant.


Meat Lovers Only

Japanese sake
water, rice, kome-koji(malted rice)
Rice brand:
Asahi-no-yume(Gunma Prefecture)
Rice-polishing ratio:
natural(no additives)

16% alc./vol.
Product of Japan


General manager at 29ON Masatoshi Shimoda, also known as Sanchez

As the general manager of 29ON, I’ve searched all regions of Japan to find sake that would be the perfect match for our sous-vide-cooked meat.

I found three key qualities of a sake that will pair wonderfully with meat.

First, the rice used as the raw ingredient for sake must be both naturally sweet and have a deep-flavoured umami. Second, the acidity level of the sake must be high because the acids of the sake will react with the iron content of the meat and enhance the meat's flavour. Third, the sake must be exceptionally good when served warm, with deepened natural notes and without an overpowering taste of alcohol. These three characteristics work in synergy to support and accentuate the flavour of the meat.

Meat Lovers Only, 29ON's original sake brand, boasts an exceptional degree of these three key qualities. As the name of the sake implies, it is the best sake imaginable for meat lovers!

Please enjoy this sublime meat-sake experience in restaurants or at home. So far, over 10,000 people have enjoyed the unique pairing.